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Derecho de Familia

Nada en la vida es más importante que la familia, y pocas cosas son más gravosas que una ruptura en la familia. En Monks Law Firm, PLLC,prestamos especial atención a sus necesidades y tenemos sus mejores intereses en el corazón.


Derecho Penal

Un cargo criminal de cualquier tipo no es sólo desalentador – puede perseguirlo por el resto de su vida. Para protegerse eficazmente, necesita un equipo legal con antecedentes penales excepcionales y muchos recursos.



Representamos a clientes ante el USCIS y proporcionamos orientación en asuntos relacionados con inmigración, naturalización, visas, ciudadanía, asilo, permisos de trabajo y remoción (también conocido como deportación). No manejamos asuntos de inmigración basados en el empleo. Podemos ayudarle en la interpretación y el cumplimiento de todas las leyes de inmigración, así como informarle de sus derechos y oportunidades de inmigración.

Defensa de los billetes de tráfico en todo el estado

Ayudamos a los clientes en TODOS LOS COUNTIES en Carolina del Norte. Creemos que la gente quiere tres cosas cuando se trata de buscar la ayuda de un abogado con su multa de tráfico. 1. Quieren minimizar o eliminar los puntos de seguro. 2. Quieren minimizar los costos. 3. Quieren minimizar las molestias. Proporcionaremos el mismo nivel de cuidado y dedicación al manejo de su boleto que manejaríamos una ofensa mucho más grave. Y, para muchas personas, especialmente los conductores de CDL, CUALQUIER boleto es una ofensa grave.

Voluntades simples

Dé a sus seres queridos la tranquilidad de tener su voluntad, poder notarial y otros documentos patrimoniales preparados con anticipación.

Monks Law Firm, PLLC
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4.4 out of 5 stars

Candace Wood
Candace Wood

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Having Mr. Monks as an attorney and Toni Wade as a paralegal has truly been a blessing! Please listen to me when I say, THEY WILL FIGHT FOR YOU! They have been so dedicated and when they go to court, they mean business! It's not about money with them, they truly care and will actually fight for you and your family. They are not like these other law firms that charge you out the wazoo and sit back and stand idle in the court room, HE SPEAKS!
Toni has always made herself available, even at night. When I had first met Toni she had introduced herself to me and I thought this was not real because just when I was feeling hopeless GOD had placed her in my life and man has my life changed for the better. Soon afterwards, I met Mr. Monks and I knew immediately I had to hire him to represent me. I got rid of my court appointed attorney as fast as I could because the only thing my court appointed attorney wanted me to do was stipulate to things that were either half explained or not explained to me at all.
With that being stated, when I hired Mr. Monks and had Toni's help throughout all of my lengthy conversations, this law firm gave me a VOICE, most importantly, MY VOICE! When they say they treat you like family, they really do. In fact, I feel like they are my family because that's how genuine they are when they handle your case! They have consistently proved that they will not go down without a fight and fight they will! This law firm is a LION and they pack a strong punch. You will not go wrong choosing them to represent you nor would you regret it. Thank you so much Mr. Monks and Toni!


1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I have been after their office to do a simple will preparation for over 2 months (since mid April 2020). Steve Monks (the head of the business) sent me a form to fill out and assigned the task to one of his paralegals who never initiated a communication. I always kept contacting to make sure they have the information they need to do their job. And no matter what we agree upon in terms of following up, they never call back or follow up on anything. I started engaging the head of the business, he apologized for the delay due to being excessively busy these days, but then nothing happened. That was over a month ago. I sent another email, but no response from anyone there. And until now, I don't have my business done.

Demetrius Wood
Demetrius Wood

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I would like to second my wife's review of the Monk's Law Firm and compose this review in three parts which are to provide my review of the Mrs. Toni Wade and Mr. Steve Monks, esq., while simultaneously providing a review of the firm. I had the fortunate opportunity to become acquainted with the Monk's Law Firm during a most challenging time, by way of Mrs. Toni Wade. Mrs. Wade is the paralegal who reached out to my wife and expressed a genuine concern in how our case was being handled. After countless hours of legal guidance and personal support, we soon realized that we had inferior council that simply had no vested interest in our matters. Mrs. Wade made it her business without making us feel forced, but welcomed. Mrs. Wade is very articulate and intelligent in the legalities of family law and I could literally write a book about the countless concessions she had made for us. If it wasn't for Mrs. Wade's patience and relentlessness in her willingness to assist us, we would have never known or thought about Monk's Law Firm.

Mr. Monk. Outstanding! Mr. Monk's treated my wife like as if he was fighting for his mother, sister, or his daughter. He is a very meticulous attorney WHO CARES like it's his children he fights for. As soon as Mr. Monks had taken our case, everything dynamically changed for the better. Night and day is the comparison between our former council and Mr. Monk's. Throughout the case Mr. Monks was very informative about his strategy and was very honest. In terms of concessions, he understands that life happens and made generous provisions in terms of financial arrangements. He is a very talented and formidable attorney. Mr. Monk's will show you that his actions speak louder than words. He is an absolute professional, gentlemen, and above all, a man of honor and integrity. May God continue to bless Mr. Monks, Mrs. Toni Wade, his staff, his firm, and all that they do in the name of righteous and justice as they continue their practice.

Thank you Mr. Monks and Mrs. Wade for everything and being true to your motto "We treat you like family!"